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Gen-C runs a mentoring & leadership programme targeted at 15-18 year olds providing them with the information to equip them with the skills necessary for the world of work & empower them to achieve their goals.

Partnering with a number of secondary schools in Essex and in Middlesex, with aspirations to grow our school partnerships during 2021.


How does mentoring help?

Mentoring is about motivating, empowering and helping the participant understand themselves and their aims – and how they can get there. It's also about helping each other resolve issues, whether directly or more often through advice and sharing experiences.

Our mentors have kindly volunteered their time to help participants with career development.

To make the most of the opportunity it is important to understand that you are driver of the mentoring relationship. Our mentors have volunteered their time in addition to their daily job, so it's crucial to maintain momentum throughout the relationship.

Every journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. We believe each journey our candidates are on starts with a single choice. One that they can make today.

Our mantra is: if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get the same results.

Why not choose something different in 2021? Partner with GenC.

The time is now,

The moment is yours.

Our products & services

Over the coming weeks we will publish new mentoring services.
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