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Gen C Trustee - Chet Behl

An international corporate lawyer, Chet Behl began his career as General Counsel and strategic advisor to a complement of investment and challenger banks including HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group, PayPal, the Bank of Ireland, Faster Payments, Bacs & Santander.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Chet is currently the CEO and Chair of four businesses: an asset management company providing student accommodation and key worker housing across the UK; traWell, a wellness tourism company; MASQ, an edu-tech business offering qualifications and accreditations in the health and fitness, clinical aesthetics and criminal justice sectors; and Support Bubble, a lifestyle company providing consultancy services on healthy living.

Chet has worked in Dubai, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and London, advising on a series of award-winning corporate finance transactions.

He is Non-Executive Director to a real estate management company with a portfolio of properties in Zone 1 London.

As a trustee of Gen-C, Chet offers internships and apprenticeships across his businesses enabling his mentees to gain practical, relevant, commercial experience.

Gen C Trustee - Lisa Troke

Lisa began her career as an office junior in the financial services industry after leaving college in 1987.

She worked for the UK Payments Association for 24 years in various capacities including board secretary, paralegal, data protection advisor and compliance officer. Lisa has particular expertise in real-time Faster Payments; cash, coins and polymer; and high-value CHAPS payments.

Lisa went on to become a Member of the International Compliance Association being awarded the Advanced Certificate and Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance in 2008.

Lisa subsequently moved into the senior management team, within the General Counsel’s Directorate of Pay.UK, advising on data privacy, risk and legal compliance. Lisa is now a senior manager & Money Laundering Reporting Officer at an international payment facilitator.

Lisa has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience working with young people through her involvement in the Girl Guiding Association and received the Jack Petchey Outstanding Leader award in February 2020.

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