Joyce Ward

Joyce is an inspirational 76 year old grandmother of three. She is considered by many, the cornerstone of the Wickford community.

Joyce began her career as a seamstress, sales representative and demonstration driver for Henlys (a Rover/Jaguar company). Ever the adventurer, Joyce was selected to deliver a car to an ultra-high net worth client in Switzerland.

Joyce has been a Girlguiding UK volunteer for 29 years, having helped age ranges from 5 to 19 taking her cohorts across the globe to India, Prague and Switzerland. She is currently managing a ranger unit. I have been part of a group of leaders.

During her illustrious careers, Joyce has amassed a number of City and Guilds qualifications however prides above all else her extensive travels which equipped her with the skills and mental fortitude to survive widowhood, economic shocks and health pandemics.

Joyce was selected to be part of the Ben Keene project on the island of Vorovoro, Fiji. Here Joyce worked tirelessly with islanders to share their indigenous life skills and memorialise aspects of their lifestyle and culture. Her successes in Fiji paved the way for an advisory role in Sierra Leone.

As the inaugural ambassador for GenC, Joyce accepted her appointment remarking that she owes as much to her informal, unstructured life experiences than her formal key-stage classroom education.