All sessions will be interactive and conducted via Zoom.

Each week, participants will be provided with access to course content via various social media tools such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. These will provide an insight to their preferred career paths.


All candidates who successfully complete the GenC Mentoring programme will be provided with a reference which can be added as an appendix to their CVs.

If you think the GenC Mentoring Programme would benefit your students please contact us to find out more details.


GenC Ambassadors

One candidate per quarter will be selected as a “GenC Ambassador". They will be involved in supporting the logistics of future rotations.

On becoming an Ambassador, the candidate will be provided with support on creating a LinkedIn profile with a view to starting their professional online presence.

The Ambassador will also be provided with an opportunity to accompany mentors at a formal dinner (Covid-19 restrictions permitting) where extra-curricular material will be covered, including:

  • navigating a menu
  • dressing for success
  • smart casual office attire
  • mobile device use and
  • dining etiquette

GenC Ambassadors will have the opportunity to apply for an internship within a selection of partner companies. The GenC Ambassador will also be provided with a milestone/deliverables plan that they can use to discuss at future interviews.