The Mentoring Programme


Why is this programme good for young people?

Life can be tough for todays young people? Many young people have suffered as an impact of the restrictions placed on them by Covid-19.  They may feel stressed, confused and anxious.  Career aspirations may have been brushed to one side due to missed physical time from school.

With the help of a mentor, confidence, self esteem and motivation can be rebuilt.

Programme Format

All sessions will be interactive and conducted via Zoom. The first Zoom call will last 40 minutes with a short comfort break followed by a second 40 minute Zoom call. Please ensure that you are in a quiet environment free from background noise. Each week, you and your fellow candidates will be provided with access to course content via various social media tools such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. These will provide an insight your preferred career paths.

The Programme is contained within a four week syllabus:

Week 1
    ➢ Interview coaching will be provided along with CV writing advice on a bespoke and tailored basis for each candidate.
    ➢ Candidates will be provided with an introduction to LinkedIn and the benefits of creating a professional online presence.
    ➢ The session will also introduce the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), touching on employee wellbeing, mental health and stress reduction.
    ➢ We will introduce concepts of networking, email etiquette, social media and digital identity, public speaking and personal branding.
Week 2
    ➢ Continuation of week one, interview coaching will be provided along with CV writing advice on a bespoke and tailored basis for each candidate.
    ➢ The session will introduce “employability skills”, touching on interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, soft skills and problem solving.
Week 3
    ➢ This session will explain travelling (getting to/from work) by road, navigating the national rail and London underground network. The candidate will work though a notional journey from home to Westminster (considering the time and cost of travel).  We will also introduce the concept of season ticket loans and company car schemes.
    ➢ Finances - understanding payslips, budgeting, tax nomenclature, pensions and savings.
Week 4
    ➢ Office dynamics & reporting lines – spread over two Zoom sessions we will focus on office/team hierarchies, company governance structures, incentives and promotion.  The candidate will then learn about changing roles, team meeting etiquette, meetings via video call and managing work/life balance.


All candidates who successfully complete the GenC Mentoring programme will be provided with a reference which can be added as an appendix to their CVs.

We are delighted to have partnered with "5MinuteCareers" a social initiative designed to get more information to children from non-professional backgrounds.

What comes out time and again in our mentoring programmes is how many children from nonprofessional backgrounds do not have access to parents, close relatives or even family friends who are currently in professional backgrounds.

No lawyers, doctors or engineers around the dinner table to ask questions to and give them ad-hoc guidance.

This is where 5MinuteCareers has partnered with GenC to bridge the gap! Our impressive roster of professionals spanning a multitude of careers sit down with the GenC team every few months to provide advice and tips on life in their professions.

We film every interaction in bitesize chunks.

Our interviews are with people at the top of their profession. They have been generous with their time, providing information to anyone who needs it. They are all brilliant at what they do. We love them and you will, too!

We're also trailblazing across social medial channels including YouTube, pages on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. So, you can access the material in whatever medium you like.

Click on the links below, sit back and enjoy some of the engrossing content. Have fun, learn and achieve your goals!

Carolyn Pepper - Media & Entertainment Lawyer - Partner, Reed Smith LLP

Sabah Peter - Product Analyst - AndDigital

Hannah Kong, Associate Solicitor, Reed Smith LLP

Sam Gregory - Front End Product Developer (now Jupiter and the Giraffe)